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After spending 50 days scouting and filming in Nepal, the Highway to Dhampus team grew to love the country and its people deeply.  News of the earthquakes in April and May 2015 was devastating to all.


In order to help with rebuilding efforts, Fiftyfilms and Highway to Dhampus have partnered with Mind the Gap Worldwide, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to help raise money to send to Nepal. Our in-country humanitarian partner, Chandra Adhikari, runs the People's Development Foundation (PDF), and does amazing work with your donations to build, strengthen, and sustain individuals and families in need.


To find out more about Mind The Gap Worldwide go to:  




Ruined Home
Another ruined home
Makeshift tarp shelter
Unloading building materials
Unloading building materials
Materials for semi-permanent homes
Building the framework
Taking shape
Cutting sheets of zinc
Almost finished semi-permanent home
Happy to have shelter
Permanent home
Permanent home
Permanent home
Permanent home
Help fund education scholarships
Help build a chicken farming co-op
Kathy McFarland

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