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Want to host a benefit screening of Highway to Dhampus?  The following information will be helpful to you:


For a 1-time benefit screening of Highway to Dhampus, the fees and income split look like this:


Highway to Dhampus, LLC receives

 $300 up front

 0% of any profit after the event expenses are met


Promoter receives:

 10% of the revenue as part of the event expenses to cover 

miscellaneous expenses or to keep as "payment." (this means, 

create an expense sheet and add 10%)


After expenses have been met: 

 50% of the profit goes to the Promoter

 25% to Mind The Gap Worldwide 


 25% to the agreed upon Charitable Organization of the 

Promoter's choosing (which can be MTGW or your own 


 Please note:  if more than one screening is contracted, HTD, LLC 

will equally share in the promoter’s 50% of profits starting with the 

2nd screening.  The charities will still take 50% (half to MTGW 

and half to the charity of your choice.)


Expenses include, but may not be limited to:

 cost of the venue  (see ** below)

 shipment of the film to and from the event (with a digital cinema 

print, or DCP, as the preferred method; if DCP is not usable, 

then blu-ray or DVD can be used)

 printing of marketing materials (digital art work files provided by 


 advertising (it is best to get earned media: TV appearances, Public Service Announcements, articles in the paper, etc.)

 ticketing

 any other expenses associated with the event

 expenses MUST be capped at $1500, if an exception is 

required, written approval must be obtained from Julie Ahlander 

via email at


**Venue payment is negotiated by the Promoter and can be one of 

the following scenarios:

 a higher upfront fee and no % of the profit  (increasing up front 


 a lower upfront fee and a share of the Promoter's 50%

 no upfront fee at all and a larger share of the Promoter's 50% 

 (we would suggest putting a cap on the amount the theater 

would get if this option is selected.)

 partial or full donation of the venue for the event


If you choose this direct option,  you will need to find and book a venue, sign a contract with the theater and with us, and declare a date for the event.  We recommend that your event occur no sooner than 2 months from the signing of the contract and require that it be at least 6 weeks from that signing.



You, as the promoter, work through  This option requires 

NO upfront expenses.  Your event will be managed by Tugg - they 

book the theater, handle the money, make sure the film is ready to 

run, and they provide step-by-step instructions for promoting, etc.  

With Tugg, the promoter (You) is paid 5% of the profit.  The filmmaker 

receives 35% of the profit (per the Tugg contract) but HTD, LLC 

would turn around and make a contribution equal to 15% of the 

overall profit to Mind the Gap Worldwide. 


The Tugg Option will likely produce less money for the charity, the promoter and the film then if you promoted the event yourself, but there is ZERO risk for your organization, which may make this a more 

attractive option.  And, Tugg offers a lot of promotional support.  You 

can go on to to find out more.  







If you choose The Tugg Option, then you can begin the process to set up your event through and you will start working directly with Tugg.



We look forward to the possiblity of working with you and appreciate your efforts to raise money for these charitable organizations!

© 2014 Highway to Dhampus, LLC, a fiftyfilms production

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